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Study Session Snack Board

If you’ve been around this gal for long, you know I am certified obsessed with food boards. I mean, I bet we’ve done double digits worth of snack boards for events, celebrations, and just afternoon snacks! So naturally, we are going to put an “after school” spin on our beloved boards and platters! Introducing our Study Session Snack Board featuring prepackaged goods like granola bars, chips, raisins, drink mixes, bottled water, and grab & go fruits. 

Brittany bringing out a study session snack board.

With many kids getting back in the school groove, they need brain fuel to focus on studies and homework. Parents can prep this board and *boom* it’s ready to become part of the “after school” routine. We love that it requires no real effort, nothing to cut up or clean up, just restock as needed! BONUS: Having a lot of teacher friends, it is my understanding that unexpected snack surprises can easily make teachers’ whole day, sometimes even their whole week. Who knew it was that simple?! Go for the gold star sticker and prep this platter and drop off at school to be placed as a sweet surprise in the teachers’ lounge!

Snack board full of prepacked good and fresh fruits.

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