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Halloween is Happening

Listen Mommas, we know that Halloween is going to look a bit different this year, but if your kiddo is anything like mine, they started talking costumes months ago… Next comes the candy dreams… So needless to say #HalloweenIsHappening y’all! Even though we understand Halloween is going to look a little different, we definitely want everyone to be safe and have fun, so we just have to get a little creative so we can make it happen in a safe way for our homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces! (Because, hello, the adults like to celebrate too!! Especially when there’s candy involved!!)

Let’s talk neighbors.
We all know the heart of Halloween is the candy. Therefore, we want to encourage you to keep it simple with the packaging. Get creative if that’s your calling, but no pressure to achieve perfection. We used simple plain white gift bags with stick-on designs and ghostly faces. Certified Celebrator has always loved and embraced the idea of the “giftie drop”; I mean, you know we have been doing this from the beginning of time. But we especially like this fun gifting idea this year since Halloween is going look a different and we want everyone to be safe AND have fun.

We dig this idea for divvying out spooky sacks full of sweet treats to your neighbors, including treats that everyone in the family will love from chewy, sweet candy to a few pieces of gourmet chocolate for the grownups!

Bring it home.
This idea is so simple, but it makes me smile so big! Create a candy bento box as a little something for everyone in the family to snack on when you snuggle up to watch Hocus Pocus for the 117th time, or as a box of goodness to enjoy while you carve pumpkins, decorate the house or sit on the porch greeting neighbors from a safe distance on October 31 (by the light of a full moon no less!).

We have a super special Halfway Homemade idea for incorporating the candy in the kitchen. Upgrading a grocery store cake is an ongoing Certified Celebrator tradition, so today we are bringing you the Halfway Homemade Halloween version! We snagged a store-bought chocolate cake and decorated it with ghost Peeps around the perimeter and a pumpkin patch on top! Girls, it does not get more simple than that!

Sprinkles on the cake: Our friends at NCA (National Confectioners Association) just launched this sweet guide stocked full of tips and tricks to help make this Halloween happen! From ways to plan virtual parties, to themed virtual backgrounds that match your kiddos’ costumes, to mystery guests in disguises – these ideas are major celebration inspiration, girls! Give them a peek!

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