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Beach Bag Essentials

We’ve all been there…

Headed to the beach or pool for (what’s supposed to be) a relaxing afternoon, you’ve got a bag over your shoulder that’s so full something drops out every time you lean over to pick up your personal cooler or one of the other 5 items you feel are necessities yet can’t fit them in your beach bag. Frustration sets in and you either need to grow another pair of arms or leave several “essential” things behind. Suddenly, this relaxing afternoon has turned into a nightmare.


You get to your sunny destination and the heat has brought on an insane thirst but, oops, in attempts to rush out the house and pack light, you forgot to bring a drink. Oh well, you can stick it out a while longer, right? In the heat 5 minutes feels like 40 when there’s nothing to pass your time, why why why didn’t you grab that magazine off the table before you left?! Regret washes over you. While you successfully packed light and kept it simple, you find you have nothing that you need to make the day enjoyable.

I have created a flexible list of beach bag essentials so a sunny day shall never be ruined by over or under-packing!

Beach Bag Essentials

Now, I did say FLEXIBLE because we are all created uniquely so feel free to add or subtract items according to your personal preference!

For Muah… My must-haves include things like:

  • Libations of some kind, preferably in a personal tumbler or koozie that will keep it cold. This eliminates the desire to pack a whole cooler.
  • Sunscreen (ONE can. Deny that urge to bring 18 cans in spray and lotion form. Spray your face before you leave the house if you use a particular facial blend and take one lotion potion with you in case you need to reapply.)
  • Blanket/Towel to serve both purposes to lie on and to dry off with, so I like to use a big fluffy beach towel.
  • Good Read whether in the form of a juicy new book or colorful magazine, it’s magical how much more enjoyable the time spent can be with a good read in your hands.
  • Sunglasses so you can see to read or watch the kids swim or dolphins play.
  • Snack that’s light and won’t melt in the heat.
  • Small Travel Zip Bag is where I keep any other small size items (like SPF lip balm, contact re-wetting solution, etc) so they aren’t just lost floating around in my beach bag.

And there you have it! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!
To each her own, every beach babe has her own sun and sea staples! I hope my list will serve as a starting point to help you pack if you are beach bound! Sunny safe travels whether you are headed for the coast, the lake, or the neighborhood pool!

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