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Stay Cool, We’re Going Back to School

Whether your back-to-school bash is a neighborhood hoedown or a more close-knit shindig with just your kiddos, we want to encourage you to keep your cool with popsicles while you party hard! You can find lots of fun recipes for homemade popsicles on Pinterest, or you can just pick up their favorite at your local grocery. While you’re out, make a pit stop for a bottle of Moscato or another wonderful wine for the adult side of the popsicle party! That’s right – the mommas will have their own custom cup of fun composed of a choice wine paired perfectly with a pop of flavor – literally! What a COOL way to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of another great school year! 

Brittany preparing the adult pops!

Pump up the party with DIY activities! These perky popsicle sponge crafts are not only easy peasy they are completely adorable. Snag several dish sponges in a variety of different colors, patterns, shapes, and textures. Quickly hot glue popsicle craft sticks to the bottom of the sponges in one simple step. (Mommas can take on the craft if mini me’s are too small for the job.) These party favors can totally pull double duty as decor by simply stringing them across some yarn or ribbon for a festive party banner! These pops are no melt and no mess, so go ahead and say farewell to summer and welcome the start of the school year with a poppin’ popsicle parade through the living room!

Popsicle project with pretty sponges!

Aren’t these pretty popsicle printables just precious?!
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