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Winter Dinner Party

With the hurry and scurry of the holidays under our belts, we can press pause on the dashing through the snow and park our sleighs for a while. Settle into the season and warm up with a winter dinner party. When cooler weather awaits outside, hot soup is really what my soul sings for! If you and your friends feel the same, plan a soup dinner party! This gathering can be put together so simply. Potluck is always a plus because everyone can bring and try out different flavors and recipes. Mix and match your dinnerware with bowls in a variety of styles, I also adore soup mugs and cups! Set out any soup toppings that may be desired. Offer an assortment of crackers, or even cornbread or breadsticks depending on your soup lineup.

I often opt for bread bowls from the local bakery (if you need a larger amount, you might call ahead of time to be sure you get the number you need). To prep the bowls, hold a knife at an angle and cut a circle out of the top. Dig some of the bread out from the center to make room to fill with soup. Remove any bread from the bottom of the bowl “lid” so that it can sit to the side as you top the bowl. 

Keep the decor effortless and straightforward by using what you already have. We love layering patterns and textures and mixing materials. Wood with metal, neutral tones with stripes, bowls with or without chargers, anything goes! Bring in your updated greenery containers as centerpieces. We’ll even supply you with recipes so that this winter dinner party will be “souper” simple for you to host!

(Pssst… Come back to the blog each day this week and I’ll share FOUR sensational soup recipes with you! One every day for the rest of the work week!)

Brittany with winter dinner party table and spread.

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