Father’s Day Giftie Idea

Ya’ll, I have sooooo many friends who have reached out to me lately seeking advice with a couple of (apparently!) common problems:
What in the world do you get the man who –
a. already has EVERYTHING?
b. asks for nothing/refuses to give any clue to anything he wants?

Well slap a cape on me because I am here to save your Father’s Day with a simple yet thoughtful giftie idea!!
*cue my theme music* 😉

Even if your husby or your padre already has two of everything or is no help in even pointing you in the general direction of a decent present, I think this giftie will be a Papa pleaser.
Thoughtfully take notice of some things that he likes or uses a lot or is particular about. Gather up a few of those items (could be an eclectic mix of things, or they could all be related in some way). Choose one item that is capable of holding other items and let it act as the “gift bag”, stuffing the other items inside. Voila!

Here are a couple of sample sets:

Favorite Bathroom Products – shave gel, nice razor, hair pomade, small cologne, after shave, etc all placed in a pair of house shoes.

Car Care Products – polish/wax, microfiber cloths, leather/interior cleaner, dashboard/vinyl spray, tire foam/brush, etc all placed in a car wash bucket.

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