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Big Top Bday Bash

Come one come all! Step right up to
Brady’s Big Top Birthday Bash!

My little Brady Bug is growing up so fast! This Big Top Bash was one of his most favorite birthday themes ever! (You guys – I can’t believe it! I mean I’m so happy and so blessed by him and love watching him grow and develop, but where did my tiny baby go?!? Momma struggle is reeallll over here!)

Anywho! I wanted to share our celebration with you and some helpful hints that made this party a hit! (Be warned – Proud Momma preparing to share precious photos! This might get a little out of hand LOL) 🙂

Anyone knows a momma can easily go a little overboard celebrating her littles, so we started by setting a budget. I knew I wanted the majority to be spent on entertainment because I wanted there to be something significant to remember and interact with. Therefore, we needed to be savvy with the other items. We used regular plastic tablecloths and banners, as well as items we already had – you probably recognize the popcorn bins from previous projects like the Outdoor Movie Night Bar Cart. We also saved on the meal by serving deli meat wraps or PB&Jellies and regular Lay’s chips – but it was sufficient and delicious!

We were also thrifty with centerpieces and decorations. Reusing the popcorn bins with grocery store flowers idea for centerpieces from the Movie Night Popcorn Centerpiece project saved us some bucks on tablescaping. One of the greatest items that we found that was so versatile were the ticket rolls! We used them EVERYWHERE. They looked great on the tables, as a garnish on the meal basket, and especially as the backdrop for our photo area!

The magician we were mesmerized by was Brad Lowe of Traveling Magic. He was phenomenal and the kids loved him. As part of the entertainment, we thought cotton candy would be a great addition and would go well with the circus theme. This turned out to be a GREAT decision. The kids were stoked (obviously, right?!) and it made for a great ice breaker for the parents to get more acquainted. Courtney with Fluffy Puff Gourmet Cotton Candy was awesome. She brought 6 delicious flavors and we all had a top notch time testing them all out!

You can see this backdrop was simple to throw together but sooo cute! We utilized the tickets, didn’t have to tear them individually – just into long strips, and hung them in strands alternating colors. We really wanted to have a fun space where parents and kiddos could capture memories and this was spot on. This was also the backdrop for the magician so it really worked out well!

We wrapped things up enjoying some grocery store cupcakes with custom picks by Emily Vincent of The Polka Dot Poodle.

What a fabulous day!
I was so pleased, it seemed like everyone really had a good time and made special memories together – A Certified Celebrator’s Dream Come True!

Special Thanks to these Gorgeous Gals!
Jennie Mowry – Creative Food Stylist
Jennifer Mowry – Creative Director
Julie Hall – Photographer

Brady says “Thanks!” for celebrating this special day with us!

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