Halfway Home Made Dinner Peach Salad

Although I enjoy salads throughout the year, I am a sucker for salads especially in spring and summer! Bring on the mix of greens and fruits! Anyone just like to experiment with salad ingredients on occasion? Sometimes combinations that seem odd in the mix are heavenly on the taste buds! Peaches & Mozzarella – put it to the taste bud test!
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Prep Time:10 minutes
Cook Time:0 minutes


  • 4 medium peaches pitted and thinly sliced
  • 8 oz fresh mozzarella balls
  • 4 cups chopped fresh romaine lettuce
  • ¼ cup toasted sliced almonds
  • ¼ minced fresh basil

Bonus Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

  • 1 clove garlic crushed
  • ¼ cup balsamic vinegar
  • 3 tbs honey
  • 1 tbs dijon mustard
  • ½ t salt
  • ½ t ground black pepper
  • ¾ cup extra virgin olive oil



  • Place first 4 ingredients together in a bowl
  • Sprinkle on the basil


  • Combine all 7 ingredients
  • Shake or stir to mix
  • Drizzle on salad
Servings: 4 people