Workout Tips

It’s a PROCESS!!!
And that’s tough for me. I’m always wanting to rush things and hurry and get to the next step…. but I’m learning. 🙏 Spend time in prayer, 🏋🏻‍♂️ workout, 🍎 eat well, intentionally celebrate, and bless others. What does this look like for you?! The best version of yourself probably isn’t the easiest. It probably takes discipline, living with intention, and giving yourself grace. But at the end of the day it’s worth the effort. It’s worth the hard work… because your heart will be full.

I’ve received so much support and encouragement that I wanted to share some tidbits that have been especially helpful to me in the workout portion of my process. If you are making room for workouts as part of becoming your best self, I hope you find them useful!

1. Chew gum

2. Make sure you have headphones loud enough not to be able to hear yourself breath

3. Do the hard thing first (100 calories on the stair master)

4. Have an awesome playlist that motivates you

5. Use that time to plan/prepare for something (mental plan for how birthday party will go)

6. Get a trainer