Vintage School Days Decor

Class Is In Session!
Bring back that
O L D   S C H O O L   vibe
with these farmhouse
vintage decor ideas!

Let your husband know you finally found a use for those 10 cent yard sale books!
They are a PERFECT decor feature for our vintage style!

I’m so crushing on this simple garland – anyone still have their old flash cards?!
Tell me that ruler ribbon wasn’t MADE for this garland!

Nothing says you have to change your WHOLE current decor layout…
My Mossy Y and candle sticks get a back to school makeover with the simple addition of the apple and pencil!
(Who remembers the Mossy Projects?! That obsession is still taking its course in my life!)

We can’t leave out the gold-sprayed alphabet vase!

And just like any other seasonal decor, simply pack it up and store
until next year!