Very Merry Mocha Milkshake

Pumpkin Spice might rule the autumn season, but move over for Peppermint Mocha – this is the flavor that makes winter wonderful!!

And you know that nobody does Peppermint Mocha better than

Jackson Morgan!

Crush up the candy canes, break out the frosty mugs, and don’t forget the Southern Cream!

Enjoy it in a merry mug or milkshake, either way this treat packs big taste! Whether you are getting festive with friends, relaxing with family, or enjoying some quiet me-time reading your latest issue of Celebrate with Sprinkles – make it perfect with Peppermint Mocha! Personally, I don’t like to mess with a good thing. I just pour mine over ice or blend it with a little ice cream. If you are looking to make a mix:

Simply put a little southern spike to cocoa or coffee


Enjoy a chilled mix with this recipe for a Merry Milkshake!

You know what pairs perfectly with peppermint mocha? An upgraded grocery store cake!

Another treat we love around the Certified Celebrator Studio is a good ole grocery store cake taken over the top!! We picked up a red velvet cake and a dressed it up with candy canes in a variety of sizes and colors (basically whatever we already had!). This combo not only goes great with the Peppermint Mocha, but it also keeps with the Merry & Bright theme!

Having the girls over to write Christmas cards together? Friends coming by for a festive round of Dirty Santa Gift Exchange? Adult children heading back to your homestead for the holiday? Whatever the occasion, make it a great gathering with an upgraded grocery store cake and some very merry milkshakes!