Valentine’s Day Sweet Treat

So, can we all agree that some of our best kept secrets/life hacks are things that are soooo simple! But once you learn or share the trick, that feeling of “Where has this been all my life?!?!” immediately sweeps over you!! RIGHT?!
(Like.. baking soda gets out coffee stains, in an emergency a crayon will burn for around 30 minutes, make homemade ice packs by freezing 3 parts water and one part alcohol in a ziplock bag, etc.)
Well, that’s kind of how I feel about this post today. Part of me feels like it seems simple, but at the same time, I LOVE this adorable little spin on a Valentine’s Day sweet treat!

All you need are a few simple items to create these yummy little tootsie blossoms:
Tootsie Pops
Cupcake Liners
Tags/Valentine’s Day Cards
(I absolutely ADORE tags by my friends at Panazze, check them out!)
See my step-by-step tutorial video below for further directions!

Valentine’s Day Sweet Treat!!!!

Posted by Brittany Young on Wednesday, January 25, 2017