ValenSLIME’s Day Treat

There are some things in life that make it difficult for us to practice self-control. If you have followed me for very long, you know I have many obsessions – apothecary jars, paper shred, fancy napkins, and colorful straws to name a few! These things are like that Pringles commercial, once we pop we can’t stop!
I want to openly admit I am adding to my list of obsessions today.
I made my first batch of slime and now I’m addicted! It’s so relaxing – like playing with a stress ball but even better!! This slime phenomenon has had me all excited this week!! I love to use different color combinations and cute containers to gift and store! Not to mention, what a unique Valentine’s Day gift!! (Sidebar: kiddos can also share the slime love with their friends with food allergies etc that may not get to partake in most edible treats!)

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There are a TON of different recipes floating around on Pinterest, but here’s my favorite Brady Bug tested step-by-step to make amazing FLUFFY slime!!

1. Use a clean glass bowl to mix your ingredients
2. Add 1 cup of washable white glue
2. Add 1 cup of foam shaving cream and mix well
3. Add your food coloring – this is where I went bananas creating different colors. 1 drop of food coloring is all you need per batch and mix well
4. Add 1 tablespoon of corn starch
5. Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
6. Add 2-3 pumps of hand or body lotion {optional} makes the slime extra stretchy
7. SLOWLY add contact solution and mix until it becomes slime!! Use your hands to kneed the slime and once it doesn’t stick to your hands you’ve mastered the perfect mix!!

Be sure to store your fluffy slime in an air tight container to prevent it from drying out! As a special treat, we’ve added a free Valentines Sticker Printable for you to enjoy!!!