Trip Time with Newman-Dailey

After spending a long (but not long enough!) weekend with my girls in beautiful Destin, FL – I really don’t think there could be anything more memorable for friends and family than a vacation! To me, they are so worth the investment, even if it’s only for a few days! The time together away from the daily grind of work and phones really allowed us just to connect on another level. If you are considering planning a trip for your fam or a getaway with your girls, I have a terrific trip time tip for you!

Brittany and the girls on the front porch in Destin.

I fell in love with Destin several years ago. When I first started taking the trip south, one of the most intimidating parts to planning the vacay was booking the condo. There are SOOOOO many options and routes you can take to find a place to stay, it is so hard to decide. The first couple of years seemed hit or miss, I felt like I was never really sure what I was getting until I turned the key. I’ve stayed in some really pitiful set ups and I’ve also vacayed in some amazing properties. Let me share with you my secret.

Always Always A L W A Y S book your rental with Newman-Dailey!

(On our recent Girls’ Trip, we opted to stay at Good Times, Tan Lines – what a GORGEOUS property that was PERFECT for all of our needs! All the photos in this post are from the rental we called home!)

Newman-Dailey is my #1 go-to when traveling anywhere in the north Florida area. They are on-site to most condos, it’s easy check in, their properties are maintained and cared for, and you can even call and talk to a real person. We all know how frustrating it can be getting the run around or only ever being able to reach an answering machine or voicemail!

Wherever you go – Here is what I want you to know…. You ALWAYS want to book from a management company. Remember, the owners of the condos live all over! They probably haven’t seen the properties in years. Yikes!

I love that the folks at Newman-Dailey are LOCAL. You aren’t speaking to someone who owns the property and merely vacations there once a year. If you find yourself and your family stuck indoors needing advice on rainy day activities or even if you have some specific accommodation requests, Newman-Dailey has you covered!

A couple trips ago we came in celebration of a birthday. When I called and told them about our trip they shared the most perfect location that was perfect for kiddos, but they also recommended a bonfire on the beach. They shared all the details with me and helped me plan an awesome birthday celebration for my friend.

It’s like they are travel agents with no additional cost!!!

Truthfully… the Newman Dailey website is out of the world easy to work! Like… easy peasy mac and cheesy! Type in the location, times you want to travel, and you will be soooo surprised by the quality of condos that pull up in your price point!

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