Tidy Home for the Holidays

Ladies, you know I am always looking for ways to work smarter not harder, not just in the business but overall in life! As I began busting out my seasonal decor, I had to call for backup because I almost immediately felt overwhelmed.

I wasn’t 100% positive where everything was, and shortly into my endeavor I looked up and I was surrounded by bags, boxes, and bins. I plopped down right there in my attic and contacted my friends at The Tidy Home. Like superheroes, they whirlwinded through my space and walked me through so many valuable tips and tricks that I will utilize for the rest of my life!

Top 10 tips for Holiday organizing:

  1. Invest in clear storage bins for stowing away your decorations! Clear bins help you see exactly what you have, very easily!
  2. Get rid of any cardboard boxes (and the spiders that love them)! The clear storage bins are so economical these days.
  3. Make sure each holiday is stored in its own separate bins.
  4. When taking down your decorations, do it by room so when putting it up the next year you are SET!
  5. Label each bin! You can get as thorough as you’d like, especially if you are taking decorations down by room/space.
  6. When taking down your regular home decor to put up your holiday decorations, put the year-around decor in the clear bin you have designated/labeled for that room and space so switching it back after the new year is a breeze!
  7. If you have decorations that you haven’t put out in several years, DONATE them!!
  8. They make tons of different storage bags now, they are great for larger wreaths and trees. They are easier to handle than a large box and protect these higher price tag items!
  9. As the holidays approach, we suggest making yourself a wrapping station. All your wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, scissors, tape, ribbons and bows in one spot! Nothing is worse than tracking those all down each time you need to wrap!
  10. And last but not least, USE NOTHING WITH GLITTER!!! Just kidding…kind of!

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I am SOO thankful that the girls of The Tidy Home came to my rescue. My space transformed from an unorganized disarray to an orderly and efficient storage system!