Three Go-To Gifts

We all know someone on our list who already seems to have everything! It can be a real challenge coming up with something unique and exciting for the person who already has it all!

Buuuut you still want to celebrate that person and show them love without the seasonal stress, right?! I have the perfect go-to gift idea for you! Remember When Bucket to the rescue! Simply take a trip down memory lane and recall fond moments shared with that person and jot them down on colorful paper. Roll the stories up and tie with cute yarn or ribbon and place in the bucket. Your recipient will adore the nostalgic gift and the time you spent re-collecting and recording those cherished memories! 

What a perfect present for a spouse, friend, relative, parent – who wouldn’t LOVE such a thoughtful gift?! 

I am totally crushing on this little herd of reindeer drinks! What an easy peasy yet outside the box way to present a gift to a small group! This would be so ideal for celebrating in a small office or department, or to bring to the front office staff at your kids’ school, or perhaps the dentist/orthodontist office, or the employees who know you by name at your local craft store! They are so simple to put together with just some googley eyes, a red pom pom nose, and antlers made out of pipe cleaners! Such a sweet, cute, fun, yet inexpensive way to intentionally celebrate a special small group in your life!

Finally, a gift we can all appreciate – FOOD! Can I get an “Amen” in the house?! If you don’t know what to get me, ya’ll, send the goods. This is a really unexpected way to gift wrap a foodie gift which makes it an awesome surprise! Pick up a set of clear DIY ornaments and fill them up with… (drumroll please)… your favorite dip mixes! Add a little jingle bell and a ribbon and boom – is that not the cutest thing?! The neighbor who is always asking for your ranch dip recipe or the relative that wants to know what gives your guacamole that zip is about to receive the Best. Gift. Ever!!

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