Think Outside the Gift Box

Rather than worrying about finding multiple rolls of gift wrap paper that will all somehow look good together, then locating bows and ribbon to match where the reds don’t clash, etc etc (hello, nightmare!), let’s give our crafty selves a little credit. We can do better than this! Eliminate this stressful chore and turn it into a creative opportunity! 

Dive into your craft closet and see what goodies you can glam up! If you’re like me, I always keep a roll of brown craft paper on hand. I love how versatile it is! Wrap a gift with plain ole craft paper then dress it up with a custom Sharpie marker design! Some of my go-to options are a tic-tac-toe game and a “finish the drawing” starter sketch! These are perfect for those kiddos that get antsy about opening gifts, and the interactive aspect of the gift wrap gives them something to enjoy while they wait! 

Other easy peasy ideas include hand-cut berries and holly leaves from paper, letting the leaves multi-task as gift tags! You could also cut out Rudolph antlers and a red nose, add a pair of googley eyes and a bow tie for the win! 

If you’ve been around this Certified Celebrator for long, you know I have a passion for mixing patterns – the holidays are no exception! If I have some striped wrapping paper left over, I will totally pair that with a plaid ribbon, topped off with a candy bow! Ritzy ribbon really isn’t a must if you don’t have any on hand, sometimes I just wrap strands of red, white, and green twine around the box several times – satisfyingly simple! 

Before gift-wrapping sends you into a merry little meltdown, take a peek into your craft closet. Challenge yourself to use supplies that are left over, those “I don’t know what I’ll ever do with this but it’s cute!” items we all know we have (guilty!), or the beloved “saving this for something special” pieces that you’ve had for years… Break those babies out and create a combo that works! Gifts are not only about what’s inside, but also about presentation! Your handcrafted creations will not only communicate the time and thoughtfulness you put in, but will also match the uniqueness of each person who will receive them!

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