The Firemen Moving Company

I gotta take just a minute to do some BRAGGIN’ ya’ll! You know that we moved recently and I have to tell you I was envisioning this nightmare… it’s the Christmas season and we have all of our belongings boxed up and everything everywhere and I just DREADED losing like a week of time during our holiday season to transfer everything (eeeekkk I’m reliving those thoughts in my mind – complete terror!)…

I was RESCUED from this nightmare by a wonderful, caring, thoughtful, hardworking local moving group!

The Firemen Moving Company really saved Moving Day for us!
I can’t even begin to fully explain what an awesome experience they provided for us during what I was sure was going to be a stressful and hectic chore (Negative Nancy had taken over, ya’ll!) We anticipated spending about a week moving everything over to the new house – these gentlemen had everything knocked out in a fraction of the time!

They arrived on the scene and wrapped everything diligently and carefully, like our items were their own! Boxes and items were labeled accurately. When delivered to our new house, boxes were not just dropped off randomly, but placed in the rooms and ready to be unpacked. They transported our washer and dryer, placed it in our mudroom (not just dropped in the garage), AND hooked it up for us!

The Firemen Moving Company accomplished ALL of this, ya’ll,


I could not have asked for a more, polite, professional, group of gentlemen to assist us with this less than desirable task. If you find yourself in a moving situation, I very crazy extremely HIGHLY recommend this local company!