Take the Kake!

Show me an item that has some multi-tasking muscle and I will show you aalllll the heart eyes!! I absolutely adore the entire line of sweet treats from Tastykake for so many reasons (delicious, convenient, fresh, variety, I could go on!) but the main one is probably the number of ways I can use them in my day-to-day life!!
When it comes to multi-tasking, Tastykake takes the kake!

The Dream Team and I have been soaking up every sunny minute of summer, but we’ve also been talking about some back-to-school “woes” we foresee on the horizon so that we can attempt to brainstorm solutions for these before they become reality! One topic we all agreed on was the After-School-Cyclone. We defined this term as When the children come in like a whirlwind of destruction, shouting words like “hungry”, “snack”, and “bored”. Mommas… how do we keep this storm from wreaking havoc in our homes?!
Enter the Don’t Ask It – Basket.

Ladies, the title says it all! Fill these little supply caddies with everything your kiddos need to serve themselves when they come in after school. Hungry for a snack? No need to ask mom, your Tastykake favorites are right there in your basket! Include boredom buster activities like puzzles, coloring books, and markers or whatever your littles like to do! We love that the handled caddies make the included items portable, so if kiddos want to take them outside to the yard or patio, or to the dining room table or play room, they can totally take the party with them! Prep these caddies as part of your morning routine or whenever is convenient for your schedule such that they are in position for when the party patrol plows through!

Speaking of back-to-school, if you want to kick off the year with some serious brownie points, consider sending the teacher a welcome back kit composed of Tastykakes! Some of my personal favorites include their mini powdered donuts, chocolate cupcakes, peanut butter kandy kakes, and their unique butterscotch krimpets

 If you have any teacher friends, something I have learned from mine is that they looooove “gifts that go away”! Rather than sending little trinkets that just take up precious desk space, send sweet snacks that they can use to fuel them through the rest of the day, or that they can savor during that dreaded after school meeting. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or over the top, simply add an extra box of Kakes to your grocery list for a thoughtful touch!

Tastykake takes the kake!