Sweet Summer Secret

Just as we know everyone is trying to squeeze the most out of summer, we wanted to share a juicy little-known secret with you that we hope you will also grab onto and squeeze the sweetness out of! 

In planning a possible picnic basket giftie drop, we were searching for items to fit a lemon theme and stumbled upon a tasty treasure! Russell Stover, obviously well-known and loved for their delicious assortment of chocolates, also creates hard candies and saltwater taffies! Who knew?! 

We snagged some lemon wedge candies to match our theme and not only were they a sensationally refreshing treat, the little lemon drops were the ultimate embellishment for our cutesy cake! Lemony lesson learned? You may have to scratch past the surface to find further sweetness inside! 

Check online or at your local grocery for more tasty treasures that make great giftie drops from Russell Stover!