Super Simple Valentine Box

There’s nothing like that moment of panic when you realize you ALMOST forgot something REALLY important.
You know what I’m talking about… You’re laid back relaxing, you know because you’ve put off the project so long it has truly (though temporarily) left your mind and you are finally just taking a moment to yourself. You’re probably enjoying some kind of delicious snack, which you almost choke on because you GASP and jump up all in the same breath as you suddenly remember your child’s project you had been putting off but P R O M I S E D  you would help with and now it is literally the VERY last moment…

Welp, that’s pretty much how my Monday night went down.
I had procrastinated Brady’s Valentine Box until it almost slipped my mind altogether!
Luckily, this was one of those days where you strive under pressure. This doesn’t ALWAYS work, so don’t rely on it! But it pulls us through on occasion 😉
There was no time for a special trip to Hobby Lobby, so we were able to create this adorable little box with items we already had at the house! (Procrastination may also lead to resourcefulness!) With a little cardboard and some paint, this box came together in no time!
I am “All Ears” for your Valentine’s Day Box ideas here on my Facebook Page!