Summer Fun on a Budget

You can make a SPLASH this summer without spending a fortune! Check out our guide to Summer Fun on a Budget thanks to Dollar General!

Want to create some sensational summer fun on the fly? Just pop in to your local Dollar General and pick up all your family favorites at affordable prices!
Head on over for a peek at a pool, bright beautiful beach towels, skincare needs like sunscreen, or even snag some outdoor games! Stop in – you might be surprised at the fun you’ll find!

Here are my top ten favorite summer finds for fifteen dollars or less!

H2OGO Fill ‘N Fun Pool ($15)
H2OGO Food Pool Float ($13)
Oversized Beach Towel ($12)
H2OGO Single Water Slide ($8)
Bubble Machine ($7)
Animal Sprinkler Toy ($5)
Sticky Catch Ball Game ($4)
Dive Ring Swim Toys ($1)
Bubble Stick ($1)
Water Balloons ($1)

Get what you need for your family game night fix from right down the street at your convenient neighborhood Dollar General! Pick up a puzzle, board game, or even a few creative indoor activity options! There is something for everyone to enjoy without breaking the bank!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Hasbro Board Games ($10)
Mattel UNO Playing Cards ($6.75)
1000 Piece Puzzle ($5.50)
BIC Adult Coloring Markers ($3.50)
Lisa Frank Jumbo Book ($1)

Pick up everything essential to putting together a holiday celebration paired with a delicious dinner all in one place! From dinner basics like plates and cups, to flags and holiday decor, to seasonal specials like ice cream cups with matching spoons – you can find it all at Dollar General.

The Certified Sprinkles on Top:
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