Certified Celebrator Home: Studio Inspiration

I am so excited to share my ideas for our home studio office and craft room with you!
It will be so wonderful to have a special space dedicated to this passion that I am pursuing daily. Even if you aren’t building a home at the moment, I encourage you to create a specific dedicated spot somewhere in your household where you can do your dream chasing! (Come back tomorrow and check out our Homework Station – you could totally steal that set up for your Passion Pursuit Place!)

As much as you have every right to make your custom-built home exactly what you want it to be, someone grounded in mindset might remind you that you may not be in that home like… forever ever. Bless their souls. They might encourage you to have it your way, but perhaps consider what someone else might do with that space some day. Hear them out because they make a good point!

Now, I don’t know WHO wouldn’t want an amazingly awesome craft studio in their home, buuuuuut just in case, this space could serve as a mother-in-law suite if we were ever to sell. The prop closet would serve as a walk-in closet for the suite.

We plan for this room to feature lots of windows that will let natural light cascade in. Because we will be doing photos and videos in this space, we decided to do wallpaper on one or two walls that could double as a backdrop while shooting. You know I adore items that can multi-task!!

Let’s talk furniture. An oversize island will have built-in trash cans inside it (to conceal those crafty messes we know we all make!) The top will also feature an overhang long enough to slide a chair under so sitting could be an option while crafting. There will also be desks and a sitting area for Jennifer and I to work at. I want to have some form of paint organization and storage so we can easily access supplies for projects like the Virtual Paint Party and Kids Club. The space will be pulled together and topped off with a fun light fixture!