Stitch Fix Faves

These are a Few of My Favorite Things (about Stitch Fix!) :

Having Stitch Fix is like Christmas arriving on your door step with every box!

Your stylist sends clothing to fit your body shape and style!

Got an extraordinary occasion coming up?
You can totally make requests for special events!

Although many of us have found a forever soulmate in Stitch Fix, you’re not locked in or trapped in a relationship you can’t escape. Stop your subscription anytime!

If you’re not totally head over heels for an item you received, you can send it back! Only pay for what you love and keep.

Quality is incredibly. Feels wonderful, washes and wears well, and made to last. What more can we ask for?

Finally – their denim is unbelievable! It fits perfect and the quality will last forever.

This rain coat is my favorite recent piece! I’ll be wearing it everyday 🙂

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