Steps to Starting Your Creative Biz
So, you are contemplating the advice of all your beloved friends and family who have told you that you are amazingly talented and should turn your skill into a paycheck. (Finally!) However, understandably maybe that seems a little scary and you’re not quite sure where to start? I’m so proud of you for taking yourself seriously and recognizing that God gifted you with a unique set of skills and talents. I have been EXACTLY where you are! It can be kind of intimidating! When in doubt, call upon your support system sisters – we’ve got your back! To help get you get the ball rolling,
here are some steps to starting your own creative business!

Steps to Starting Your Creative Business

  1. Before you print a bazillion of everything on Vistaprint, check the business name you’ve chosen with the Trademark office (seems small but I was threatened to be sued!)
  2. File for Business/Tax ID.
  3. Buy the Domain – even if you aren’t ready to have an actual website. At least you own it and no one can take that away!
  4. Create all your social media pages (secure your name on all platforms even if you aren’t ready to grow those) – you don’t want to have 18 different names floating around, no one can remember all that! Would definitely include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest for Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, and anywhere else in social media world you (or your customer audience) hang out!
  5. Got some graphics created – logo, color scheme, any other graphics that would represent what you’re selling.
  6. Professional Photo – have your husby snap one! Sounds silly, but gotta treat it like a biz in order for it to pay like a biz!
  7. Set up an Etsy Shop or website that allows you to professionally sell your items.
  8. Invest in having your website created/updated.
  9. Start collecting emails from people visiting your website. Utilize helpful feedback, also a great record of happy customers!
  10. Create a way to secure reoccurring payments from customers.
  11. Affiliate Income (start with amazon)
  12. Branded Income (collaborate with brands you already love to promote their product! Win-Win!)
  13. Passive Income (ebook, reselling tutorials or tips)

While you’re working step by step to accomplish these things, you are constantly building your brand and audience. You’re building trust and loyal fans/followers. You’re investing heavily in the 80% free ideas, inspiration and content.

You will want to save all of the 80% free content you’re sharing. Snap photos, download your videos, etc. All of this will be posted to your website as soon as it’s created and ready to go. Within a year you’ll be able to start recycling all of that content and have even more goodies to throw out into the world!

Once the website is complete you will also start creativing pins for your free projects and posting those on your Pinterest. The main goal for the pins is to get website hits. (Our goal is 100K monthly website hits so we can
install adThrive – which is passive income.)

I know that may seem overwhelming right now! But just take your business a step at a time, and as you put all the pieces together you’ll realize and learn how it all flows together to benefit your biz. Every building block plays off or feeds into the others,
so that what you have is a power circle of elements
all working together to grow your creative biz!

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