There are few things better than a good adventure, a good book, or good food… except ALL three! After an afternoon spent outside with our adventure bucket, the little and I wrapped up the day with one of our favorite reads, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. While he was snoozing, I ventured my way through crafting supplies and came up with these lovely bits to create our very own
Hungry Caterpillar Critters!

First thing the next morning before breakfast we got started on our creation!  He was so excited to get to paint and stamp with the apples!  We mixed shades of green colors made sure to use his favorite: RED!
We’d like you to meet… Bob!

After all this work we had quite the appetite so we took the healthy foods Bob ate and made our own caterpillar fruit salad!  Remember to enjoy this time with your little ones.  It’s not about the perfection of the piece but the experience you have together and the conversations that take place. Make memorable moments!

Parents Pick:

  • Discuss why the caterpillar got a tummy ache
  • Go on a scavenger hunt in your kitchen to find healthy foods and make your own salad or cabob to work on fine motor skills
  • Count the number of feet on the caterpillar
  • Explore why caterpillars have antennae
  • Experiment with color mixing and learn how to make secondary colors
  • Learn about the life cycle of a monarch caterpillar
  • Use a butterfly net to catch and release beautiful butterflies or other bugs your little finds
  • Get out into nature!