Stackable Pumpkins

Okay I need to know..
Is your home a REAL pumpkins place or a fake pumpkin haven?
I have friends that celebrate both ways! Some have a tradition of picking out pumpkins at a local patch with the family, while others reuse their decor from year to year.
Which side of the fence do you live on?

This fun festive fall makeover could really go either way!

For this pumpkin project I am using a sensational Surebonder dual-temp glue gun. Surebonder noticed on a couple of my videos that I kind of had a bad habit of burning myself just a smidge on the hot glue as I crafted. (Anyone else ever been there?!) Well, they sent me the ultimate solution!
I am IN LOVE with this new glue gun – it has high and low settings so I can decide just how hot it needs to get based on the project I’m working on. The glue dries super fast, which means less time for potential burnt fingers! The glue applies like a dream, evenly and smoothly. Ya’ll, like a good curling iron, this baby will even SHUT ITSELF OFF if left on for longer than 30 minutes. My house and my local volunteer fire department THANK YOU Surebonder!! Because ya’ll, Lord knows we do a LOT of crafting at my house and I can’t count the times I’ve run off behind a toddler or to grab dinner out of the oven and left a glue gun plugged in… This new tool is nothing short of a miracle! Thank you, Surebonder, I will put this bad boy to GREAT use this fall season!!

You know I’m more a Cute than Creepy kinda gal – but to each her own! You can let your stackable pumpkins reflect your own personal style. For me, you know that’s bright colors and confetti! I made this happen with some bright paint pens applied in simple designs. I also picked up some colorful quilting/sewing pins that I could easily just push into the pumpkin to give the illusion of SPRINKLES of course. Everything is better with sprinkles, even pumpkins 😉 Top it all off with a decorative bow and there you have a Fun Festive Fall Makeover for your decorative pumpkins!

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