Am I the only one that has flashbacks to fourth grade science class every time I pass the styrofoam balls at the crafts store… I start envisioning  my lil solar system and the asteroid that got me extra credit! (#PlutoForever haha!) Well, we are taking styrofoam balls outside their norm with this project!

As the weather is starting to perk up so are the colors outside and, for this project, inside too.  The kiddos will love this fun, spring (and science) inspired project!  They will be wowed as the colorfully dipped cotton swabs turn the mini styrofoam balls into glittery goodness.  Simply cut and stick the swabs then dip them into paint or food coloring to brighten up the bouquet.  We tried using coordinating colors and then topped it all off with some glitter!

Options for this project might be to paint the styrofoam before, switch up the lengths of your swabs, and have some fun with the flowers and your choice of vase.  I know it’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of a new project, but don’t forget to ask YOUR CHILD what ideas THEY have for making this project uniquely theirs!  Don’t despair, glitter everywhere is where it’s at! 😉

Parent’s Pick:

  • Work on those fine motor skills as they place those little pieces into the styrofoam
  • Identify different colors, shades, and color patterns
  • Define what characteristics make a sphere and compare sizes
  • Explore all the different textures in each supply
  • Talk with your kiddo about how what happens to the liquid in the bowl when the swab becomes saturated
  • Speak in metaphors…The ball is as round as the sun!