Spring Print Planters

In the spirit of spring cleaning, let’s break into our craft stash and “clean out” some items in the form of a fun DIY! I knooow even if you are not a seamstress there are many of us with a ginormous fabric stockpile. What exactly are we thinking we are going to DO with all that fabric?! Who knows, but if you’re like me, we just can’t pass it up, it’s too pretty!!

So frolic through your fabric stockpile and pick out some precious spring prints. I snagged a few plain terra cotta pots on clearance which worked beautifully for me – but you may have some plain planters or dated pots that could benefit from pressing refresh! I opted to mix and match prints with a spring theme. Simply Mod Podge the fabric to the pots, being sure to overlap the top rim a bit for a finished look!

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