Sport an A+ Attitude

Mommas, we are all probably experiencing a lot of feelings right now as we make decisions about our children’s education. I know our heads are spinning with thoughts going in every direction, but we have to pause and recognize how important our perspective is in the eyes of our little ones. There are things we cannot control, but it is vital we acknowledge what we can control – and that is our attitude!

Brittany wearing t-shirt that says "Stay Humble, Works Hard, & Be Kind"

We can fuss and complain about the circumstances in private conversations with other adults, but when our children are present, it is just my opinion that we need to wear a smile and encourage our kiddos to continue to put their best foot forward this school year no matter what! We don’t call them “mini me’s” for nothin’ girls – if our babies do reflect our attitudes, don’t we want them to be A+? I plan to sport this cheerful tee from Adybelle often to remind me to keep me and my attitude in check. I want Brady Bug and I both to strive to stay humble, work hard, and be kind this school year!