Spooky Spider Door Decor

The perfect combination of *Cute* and ~CrEePy~
haunts your front door with this Spooky Spider Decor!
Grab a goblet of witch’s brew and let the frightfully fun crafting begin!

Step 1: Gather your materials.
(Not sure where to find these supplies?! Check out your local Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby or find frames on Amazon!)

Step 2: Stretch out your ribbon to make your bow.

Step 3: Stretch out your contrast ribbon to make your bow.

Step 4: Create the loop on your bow. (If you need further super step-by-step bow making instructions, check out my tutorial here!)

Step 6: Add your contrasting bow and wrap with a pipe cleaner to pull it together.

Step 7: Grab your spider and your ribbon.

Step 8: Drill 2 holes in your spider where you want the ribbon to go through.

Step 9: Go ahead and run your ribbon through your drilled holes.

Step 10: Tie a cutesty little bow and cut your ends.

Step 11: Attach your bow to the frame using your pipe cleaner. Attach the spider with hot glue, gorilla glue, wood glue, etc. (If your spider comes with, or you add twine to the top, you could attach it temporarily by using the pipe cleaner from the bow to hold it all together!)

 ** S P O O K T A C U L A R **
What an aDOORably creepy craft to create under a full moon with your ghoulfriends!

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