So Stinkin’ Thankful for YOU!

Friends, as I look back on the year, I get teary-eyed thinking about the leaps and bounds we made in 2019. When I consider all that we have accomplished, I want you to always know that I recognize that it all comes down to YOU. Everything we do, it only matters because you make it matter. What we do is irrelevant unless you relate to it and run with it. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a follower and for playing such an impactful role in our ministry. You are the hands and feet carrying out the message. I am so grateful for all of your encouragement and support that enables our team to do what we love and provide for our families. Because you believe in intentional celebrating, together we are creating a movement of mommas spreading Jesus and joy and kindness to those we love. With all of my being – THANK YOU for being a part of Certified Celebrator!

I wanted to share with you that our team of soul sisters is SO excited for all the things we have in store for you in 2020! At our quarter four team meeting, we laid out what 2020 will look like for the magazine and we are so hopeful that you are going to go absolutely bananas over all the fun inspiring things we have planned. I am so incredibly thankful for your time and your trust as you ride along this journey into the new year with us! We are so stinkin’ excited and we CANNOT WAIT to celebrate with you in 2020!