Snowflake Sipper

Sip on something sweet and snowy this winter season!
Whether you are having friends over for book club, or to watch the season finale of your favorite show, or whatever gathers you with your gals – this snowflake sipper guarantees a smile from your soul sisters!

Start with Jackson Morgan Peppermint Mocha (my winter weather favorite!). This sips so sweet that you can drink it solo or splash some into your hot cocoa or coffee.
For the snowflake embellishment, you’ll need a large marshmallow for the center, several toothpicks (5 or 6 will do), and 2 smaller marshmallows for every toothpick.

Stick the toothpicks into the sides of the large marshmallow. spacing evenly around the edge. Slide 2 smaller marshmallows onto each toothpick. Wedge or cut an open space of the large marshmallow onto the mug to help it rest on the rim of the mug.

Now your peppermint mocha mugs offer a little snowy nibble with every sweet sip!

As the hostess, you could make these ahead of time or let this little DIY drink decor be the project part of your get together!

Please sip responsibly.