S’mores Galore

It just simply isn’t fall if
scrumptiously sweet S’mores
do not make an appearance on the seasonal menu!
No fire pit? No fireplace? No problem!
You don’t need either to enjoy the gooey goodness of this fall favorite!
Let there be S’mores Galore this season!

Gather up the usual suspects:
Graham Crackers, Marshmallows, Chocolate, Skewers, Favorite Flame

No firepit? No fireplace? No problem! Add the instant heat source:
BioFuel Burner Can
(It is refillable and has an unlimited shelf life, so you can pull it out year after year or use it for multiple purposes/occasions! Safe, organic, non-toxic, AND made in the USA!)

Next, throw in s’more decor
they can’t ignore! 😉
Sometimes Presentation is the
essence of Celebration!

You know I adore utilizing clear apothecary jars to organize and highlight feature items, so we set out a tray and arranged jumbo marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers into large jars (which are not only pretty but help keep pests away = win win!) Feelin’ fancy? For an added touch we scripted SMORES in chocolate syrup onto graham crackers and used as part of our party table decor! Scrumptious!

We made our S’mores Galore a back porch party so we wanted to give a cozy, comfortable feel with lots of throw pillows and blankets in case the air gets crisp. We arranged seating with the firepit at the center, layered our rugs for added depth and texture, and kept the snack table easily accessible for anyone wanting seconds!

Feeling Neighborly?! 🙂

Wrap up some s’mores goodies inside a little snack sack, jar, or gift box and drop it on your neighbor’s doorstep for a truly sweet surprise!
Wish your kiddo’s teachers a fun fall break, bid a Happy Boss’ Day (October 16) to your superior, or just show a friend you appreciate them with a delicious delivery!

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