S’more Charcuterie Platter

Let the Cookout Season begin!!
I’m headed to a low-key BBQ and so I’m sharing a couple of delicious Certified Celebrator ideas with you! I’m no Top Chef by any means, but I absolutely love this vegetable marinade that I do and so I’m taking it as a side. Check out my video below for the veggies I use and how to throw it together.

Now, I do love the veggie marinade, but admittedly I’m MOST excited about the dessert I’m taking! I reeeaaallllly think everyone is going to enjoy it! This is my S’more Charcuterie Platter! Listen, that sounds fancy but it is SO simple! Seriously, it is just all about flavor combos ya’ll. Imagine how fun it would be to have a flavor competition!! My fave is currently dark chocolate and fresh strawberries – soooo yummmy!!
What other combos do you think would be a big hit at the BBQ?

Headed to a cookout!?? I’ve got 2 Certified Celebrator ideas for you.

Posted by Brittany Young on Saturday, April 28, 2018

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