Simple Gifts on the Go!

Okay. Now that we can all exhale from the stress
that accompanies all the in-your-face
*EARLY ACCESS* this and *4 HOURS ONLY* that
of the busiest shopping days of the year…
Let’s get back to what actually
relieves stress and brings us joy –
the GIVING SPIRIT and CRAFTING of course 🙂

Are these pens not the  C U T E S T  ?!
I mean, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t have a FaVoRiTe PeN ?!
You know the one, IF you loan it out,
it never leaves your sight.
Ah the connection between a person & their fave pen… <3
And to think.. you could be the GIVER of this magical instrument!

As completely adorable as these pens are, they are INCREDIBLY simple gifts to put together. This quality makes them not only the perfect personalized gift for your secret santa at work, BUT the simplicity makes them a fantastic last minute gift for that party you forgot about! [Instead of a name, you could totally put inspiring or funky wording! Like.. “Blessed”, “Brilliant”, “Blissful”, I could go on!]

I am thinking I picked up these sassy striped pens for just a couple bucks each – what a steal! And I didn’t have to stand in line in the cold for hours to snag them either! 😉
If you don’t have one of those nifty vinyl cutting machines, there are LOTS of places/people you can order your personalizations from!

Carefully adhere the personalization to the pen. Be sure to apply even pressure to prevent it from bubbling or peeling. That’s really all there is to it!!
So simple you can slap that baby on in the car on the way to the party!
You know what we call that?! –
A Simple Gift on the Go!