Setting Priorities with Prayerful Planner

There have been times in my life, girls, that I couldn’t tell you if I was coming or going. Can I get an Amen if you’ve been there? Between basketball practice and school events and business meetings and social gatherings – if someone wasn’t calling to remind me, ya’ll were not gonna see me there! I’m not kidding, I have had moments where I have received the dreaded text “Where are you?!” and I have said “On my way!” as I throw my purse in the car and roll out sideways on two wheels. Not my proudest moments. 

I need you to know that Prayerful Planner has shifted the way I think about my day. This organizational tool helps me prioritize what is important Every. Single. Day. Did ya’ll know there are only 24 hours in a day? I was bookin’ myself like I had double that time! Now, if the things I’m committing to don’t fit into my plan, and I can look at my planner and see that, I have all I need to firmly say “No” to that request or invitation. Having always been a “Yes” girl, the thought of declining used to send my stomach into knots. But my Prayerful Planner empowers me to stay accountable for my actual priorities and helps me place everything else BELOW that line. 

In order for me to maximize my time in my biz and my home, I have not only learned to plan my day with prayer and purpose, I have a perfect place to record gratitude, praise, and daily prayers. I don’t know a single soul sister that couldn’t benefit from what my Prayerful Planner has done for my life!