Seed Packet Wreath

This is a special shout out to my Garden-Loving, Flower-Growing, Seed-Planting friends out there! You’re going to LOVE this!

All my fellow DIY Queens know how this story goes… WE are the go-to gals when our friends need gift ideas, and that is exactly what I’m working on today! One of my besties needed a custom gift idea for one of her besties 🙂 so I am creating a unique Seed Packet Wreath for a very special garden enthusiast!

(PS – Who knows a momma that would be ECSTATIC to receive this as a Mother’s Day gift?!)

Gather up your supplies!
(I picked up some colorful seed packets like 4/$1, this does NOT have to be an expensive project! I bought a cute pair of pink gloves and used moss I had left over from some other projects!)
Start gluing the seed packets to the grapevine wreath. If you don’t want it to look too uniform, maybe alternate the direction of your packets. Be sure to hold the packets down until the glue holds.

I found this great bag of little moss clumps at Walmart a while back but the color is FANTASTIC! Take a handful of the clumps and start filling in some of the bare spots. I think it’s okay to leave a little area blank since the wreath already has a natural look to it! This is up to you!

I am LOVING the cuteness factor added by these adorable polka dot gloves!! (I attached the gloves with a pipe cleaner so the gift recipient can still use them 😉 ) Finish it off with a puffy bow or even a burlap bow if you’re going for a more natural look.
Wow! What a beautiful present for a dear friend OR this would make a TERRIFIC Mother’s Day gift!
For more step-by-step directions check out my tutorial video below!

#live AFFORDABLE Spring Wreath!

Posted by Brittany Young on Wednesday, March 15, 2017