Sassy Spiderweb with Surebonder

Need some new eerie inspiration for door decor? We are over the full moon with how our sassy spiderweb came together with a ghastly grapevine to create a completely Cute Not Creepy new piece to help us celebrate the spooky season! 

Spiderweb wreath door decor.

Craft supplies, wreath, spiderweb, ribbon, glue gun, glue sticks.

Start with a black grapevine wreath and a black spiderweb (this could be from the craft section, home decor, I’ve even seen them as placemats!) Bust out your trusty Surebonder glue gun because they’ve released just the thing we all need for our devilish DIY’s this month! Enter: Black Glue Sticks. Not only do I love that the glue will now blend right into my projects, I can also use the glue for visual additives and embellishments! Eeeeek!! Attach your spiderweb to your grapevine, then select a spider to show off front and center. Adhere everything as needed with your seemingly invisible black glue sticks. 

For a fancy finishing touch, add a speck of sass to your spider with a little bow to bop on her head. Secure with your Surebonder glue gun to ensure she can sport that sass all season long!

Bop a bow on the spider's head for extra sass.