Room Refresh with Mud Pie

I feel like this spring, maybe more than any other before, we are all gonna be *beyond ready* to revamp and renew the interiors of our homes we’ve been hibernating in for the past year. As we “spring clean”, we let go of and clear out items that no longer hold meaning or significance, or part with pieces that are under-utilized or just not needed. While we work to move materials out, I encourage you to select a space in your home that needs a little… reviving. Hit “Refresh” on that room with home decor from Mud Pie

Hand-carved wooden bowls by Mud Pie.

Stoneware soap dispenser by Mud Pie.

Personally, while I adore my bright white kitchen, after staring at this space for so long, I was ready for some fresh, pretty pieces! I picked out a sweet little stoneware soap dispenser that coordinates well and looks great next to my sink. (I also love that it is so versatile, I think I will be able to switch it out to any other sink in the house when I am ready to change decor again.) 

You know I am a forever fan of fresh florals, so this glass bud vase set really spoke to me! I can add a pop of color to my kitchen any time with beautiful blooms. I snagged a set of two hand-carved mango wood dough bowls that bring a touch of the outdoors in. Mixing patterns and textures is a must, so I love the grain of the wood against my counter. 

Glass bud vases by Mud Pie.

Family Recipe book by Mud Pie.

Eating in and cooking more over these last several months had me reminiscent of meals my grandmother would make, and I found myself revisiting some of her old recipes. This led me to select a maybe more sentimental choice in Mud Pie’s Family Recipe Book. The cotton wrapped hardback recipe book has room to record all your favorite family recipes and the memories that go along with them. The pages have places to record ingredients, preparation directions, reviews and comments on memorable meals. (Because this meaningful lil book is the perfect place to keep track of those long-time family favorite recipes, I think it would make a super sweet, thoughtful gift for someone dear to your heart!)

Naturally, I also couldn’t check out without this book stand to hold my most favorite books while I cook and party plan! There is seriously so much to choose from! With Mud Pie, there are endless possibilities to pump new life into your decor! What room will you refresh this season?

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