Repurposed Wreaths

As you take down and organize your various holiday decorations, you’re in luck if you’ve got pieces you can repurpose for the general winter season! Updating, rearranging, and repurposing can really make the task of “holiday take down” less daunting. For example, the greenery of your garlands and wreaths can last a little longer and double as decor through winter as well! We wanted to bring the green to the tablescape, so centerpieces became the scheme behind this project!

Brittany crafting her repurposed wreaths.

Utilize empty cleaned out cans from fruits or veggies as the base of your vase. Grab some burlap or ribbon from your craft stash or local store. You can opt to pick up burlap or your favorite ribbon by the roll, or upcycle from older projects, or whatever you want to make work! The simplest way to measure how much you need is to roll your particular can over the burlap, just be sure you allow a little extra to overlap. (Tip: If your burlap roll is unraveled at the edge, you can actually pull out one string at the base of your can as you measure, and that will show you where to cut!) Wrap the burlap or ribbon around your can and hot glue to adhere in place. So easy peasy! 

Place your trimmed pieces of greenery into the can and be sure to keep a little water in the bottom to help your nature-inspired centerpieces last longer!

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Brittany with her finished repurposed wreaths.