Pursuing His Purpose with Prayerful Planning

It’s difficult to even begin to explain just exactly how this planner has been a game changer for me. Starting the morning with my Prayerful Planner and Journal makes THE.BIGGEST.DIFFERENCE in my day. My entire life is a jumbled jar of completely crazy but my planner keeps my heart focused on what’s important and my mind straight ahead on the goal of living for His Purpose. 

It’s so simple but such a powerful tool that helps me prioritize my to-do list, it gives me strength to give a graceful “No” to requests that don’t support my priorities, and encourages me to pause and recognize all the good that God is doing. And that’s just to name a few of it’s effective benefits that I see working in my life. 

So.. does anybody else hug their planner on the daily? Get one of these Prayerful Planners and you’ll totally understand the depth of my love.

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