Protein-Packed Breakfast Burrito

As we all begin transitioning into some version of a regular routine, a lot of things will see some change, but many things will also remain constant regardless of the circumstances. One of those consistencies is that, girl, your family is gonna eat! Sometimes it feels like we LIVE in the kitchen, can I get an Amen?! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my motherly duty of providing the meals around here, but sometimes it feels like as soon as breakfast is served, enjoyed, and cleaned up – they are circling back to the kitchen asking about lunch!! What the what?! 

Brittany in the kitchen.

Layout of burrito ingredients.

I was repeatedly reciting the Serenity Prayer in my head when I realized while it’s true that I can’t change that it seems like Brady is hungry 24/7, I CAN change the way I meal prep for him! I imagine there are other mommas out there in the same kitchen situation, so I want to share with you one way I am working to change that. Enter: Breakfast Burritos. 

First, fix up a fresh batch of grilled steak breakfast burritos for your family to enjoy. Grill and slice up some choice cuts of Kentucky Beef steak. Set out fixins like salsa, arugula, eggs, and cheddar cheese. Let your family come through and dress their own burrito buffet-style. What a beautiful breakfast with family! 

Sizzling chunks of beef from Kentucky Beef Council.

Burrito ingredients and freezer bags.

Okay mommas, this is where the magic happens. Walk back into the kitchen and work up a batch of those Kentucky Beef burritos to freeze for your fam! Everything is already set out, so just fill those flour tortillas with freezer-friendly ingredients, then wrap individually in parchment paper. Place burritos into a freezer bag and label with the date. Now your family has a protein-packed breakfast option ready for them to grab and go from the freezer! 

Here’s how I envision the reheat process at my house: Get up. Grab burrito out of the freezer for Brady and set out to thaw. Put coffee on. Quick Shower. Wake Brady. Double check calendar and schedule/tasks for today. Peek in and make sure he is up and running. Unwrap burrito and pop in microwave for a couple minutes. Flip. Cook for a couple more minutes until heated through. Wrap burrito with a couple paper towels or place on a small plate and we are off and running!

Brittany and Brady