Popcorn Party

There is no rule stating that you can’t make a big deal out of STAYING IN instead of going out!
As much fun as it is to enjoy a good movie on the big screen, it might cost you your first child’s college fund for tickets and snacks for the family! YIKES!
Everything for this Popcorn Party & Movie Night are items we ALREADY HAD at the house!
Now THAT’S a price we are willing to pay! 😉

Here are some of my Popcorn Party Secrets!
The red & white “table cloth” is actually Christmas wrapping paper! (Sshhh, nobody has to know! Haha!)
The popcorn bins I got on Clearance at Hobby Lobby. They are that hard plastic reusable material, so you can pull them out and use as part of your Popcorn Party tradition! If you can’t find these plastic ones, they usually have the cute paper bag ones in the popcorn section at the grocery store!

I mixed up some straws that I already had in movie theme colors.
Yellow polka dot napkins from the Dollar Tree (they know me by name in there, I love that place!)
I also found these little raffle tickets that could totally double as Movie Stubs!
(OR maybe if you have a large family or you’re hosting a slumber party, etc – maybe the tickets can be used to “purchase” the candy, to prevent anyone from going into candy overload! So if each person gets 4 tickets, you can decide maybe the bigger candy is 3 tickets and the smaller portion treats are 1 ticket, etc.)

I don’t know why carnations get a bad rap, look at these beauties!
What a perfect centerpiece or addition to our Popcorn theme decor!

Highlight the title of your Feature Film for the evening!
This chalkboard is part of my day-to-day kitchen decor but it always plays an interesting role in our projects and events! (We had a fiesta party recently and it read
“Fiesta Like There’s No Mañana!”)
And there you have it friends! A totally “night out” feel without the
completely crazy cost!

#live Themed Popcorn Party!!! Join me for the details.

Posted by Brittany Young on Saturday, February 25, 2017