Movie Night Popcorn Centerpiece

Who doesn’t love a good movie night in with the family cuddled up on the couch?!
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy everyone getting cleaned up and decked out to go somewhere nice (where I don’t have to cook! Lol!)
Buuuuuuut I cherish those comfy close home moments with my favorites. Now, nothing says we can’t make an evening in feel like a fun night out!

Start with a bouquet of fresh white & yellow flowers and a cute popcorn box.
Be sure the stems are long enough to let the blooms just rest inside the top of the box.
Trim the ends at an angle.

Intermix the white and yellow flowers – watch how the blooms visually start to really resemble puffs of popcorn!

Assemble the arrangement and place it in a location where your family can most enjoy it!
A night in with the family can be a rare event, especially when fighting for time between little league and piano lessons, business meetings and work trips… So if you have the time, take the opportunity to do something a little extra to express that this evening at home together is special!

These fantastic photos are credited to my girlfriend Julie Hall from !

Check out her work on instagram!