Patriotic Front Porch

Sooooo.. Is it silly that I’m so glad our country’s colors are so beautiful?! I mean, good job Founding Fathers!! Red, white, and blue happen to look really nice together in a pretty porchscape – I know that was probably a big deciding factor in the color combo choice! 😉

If you are in the market for a similar look, let me share where I snagged these items:

Lantern – Lowe’s
White pots & ferns – Walmart
Flag, Tassel garland, fireworks – Hobby Lobby
Our Virtual Paint Party door hangers!
Striped rug – Michaels
Monogram rug – @agokc on Instagram

These are the door hangers for the Virtual Paint Party* & Kids Club*!! They are cute on their own, but also look incredible together if you wanted to attach them!!

*enrollment is closed