Party Poppers

Surprise! It’s a post about my love for confetti and glitter!! <3 These Party Poppers are PERFECT for your next celebration! I adore that they are quick and simple to put together with items you probably already have at home! Assembling them may be easy, but Popping them is the BEST part!

Let’s get this party poppin’!
You’ll need:

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
Coverings/Decorations (Washi Tape, Tissue Paper, etc)

Tie the balloon and snip just a smidge off the end of the balloon. Gently fit the open end of the balloon over the toilet paper roll. Fill the roll with your favorite confetti and glitter (what other items can you think of that would work if your confetti stash is lookin’ a lil slim?!) Add a thin layer of tissue paper to serve as a temporary top over the open end of the toilet paper roll. Continue decorating the sides of the popper with tissue paper, washi tape, scrapbook paper – whatever you have on hand that works!
When it’s time to PARTY, pull back on the balloon and let the good times (and the confetti) fly!
(If you are in a rush or low on supplies, you can skip the decorations and just fill your popper with confetti right before party time!)

Party Poppers are a great addition to your Fireworks Cart!
Bonus: They are safe for even your tiniest celebrators!

Anyone remember that time I confettied my shoes AND my chair?!
Are you crazy for confetti?





All these poppin’ photos by Julia Hall!