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Halfway Homemade - Chicken Bacon Ranch

I love love love dishes that I can throw together easily and keep in the fridge for whenever the tummies in the house decide to growl!

Certified Celebrator Home: Mudroom Inspiration

Even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant rooms can be put into multi-tasking mode!
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Lily P Party Tray

Has anyone else noticed the tray trend that seems to be taking over? Well, trending or not - count me IN!

"Just Because" Bonus Screensaver

Sometimes no reason is the best reason to do something nice like... share a screensaver with friends!

Halfway Homemade Watermelon Salsa

Spicy is balanced by sweet in this halfway homemade family favorite!

Traveling Tacos

Is this the year of the Taco or what?! Tacos are sure to spike in popularity in your kitchen with this Traveling Taco kit!
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