I am Brittany, founder of Certified Celebrator.

Fed up, confused, overwhelmed with social media?!

Burning questions but you have no idea who to ask.

How to get started?

What to do?

Are you wanting to start your social media platform?

Or grow a platform that seems stagnant?

Certified Celebrator’s Course:

Social Success

For the FIRST TIME EVERR I’m offering a one-on-one coaching opportunity.

Because all dreams and businesses are NOT the same this is not a “one size fits all” course! This is an opportunity to get personal and specific questions answered. Together we will get you unstuck and excited about your direction with a step-by-step guide to get you where you’d like to go.

You and I will meet weekly for 4 weeks to build the social media platform of your dreams. With a game plan in place and me holding you accountable… you’ll be soooo surprised with how much progress we make together!

Who’s this one to one mentoring for:

Those who want to grow a social media following while sharing what they love

Influencers who want to become profitable on social media

One on One Coaching

* finalizing your goals

* land PAID collaborations

* gain new followers

* increase shop sales

* Improve the quality of your photos

* earn comments and likes

* what and when to post

* monetizing what you’re doing

Discovery Call

* personal audit of accounts

* discover your brand, mission, and application

* troubleshoot

* together we will decide how to use our time best to get your brand off the ground, out of the rut, and growing!

There is something so powerful that happens when you start believing and investing in your brand!

Only 10 spots available


Sign Up & Schedule the 1st call

These calls are personal and I’m sooo excited to share what resources I have and all that I know!

* calls are 45 minutes

* scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sunday afternoons

Upon registration, you’ll receive an info email and we will get your first call scheduled!