My Thoughts on Orange Theory Fitness

Hey friends! I want to thank all of you for being SO stinkin’ supportive as I continue to strive towards my fitness goals. What a lucky girl I am to receive so much encouragement from such an incredible squad of sisters. You guys have been sending me TONS of questions about my journey and while I apologize for not being able to field absolutely all of those, I do want to let you in on my most recent obsession…

Orange Theory Fitness.

So here’s where my story with Orange Theory began… I had experienced success with the routine I was following. I had worked hard and lost some weight and toned up, but I had reached a plateau and felt like I needed to mix it up. While my gym is still beneficial to go to, I knew I needed to change things up. I had heard a lot of here-say and talk about what OTF is, but wasn’t exactly sure what to believe. It intrigued me because it is more of a boutique style workout, but I knew I would need to try it and decide for myself. I took my first class – which was free – just to see if I could do it or if I would even like it. Within thirty minutes ya’ll I was certified OBSESSED.

Carve our initials in a tree because I am officially in love with the combo of cardio and strength that is offered at Orange Theory Fitness. It is literally split right down the middle and I feel like I get so much bang for my buck while I’m there. When I look at my calendar to try to plan my workouts, I always think about OTF first because I burn sooo many more calories than my normal routine. Girls, I am burning no less than 500 calories per class, and sometimes way more! I have clocked in the upper 600s on days I’m really busting tail. All this valuable info is available at the end of your workout so you know exactly what you burned and how you performed based on the email they immediately send you. During your workout you wear a HRM device on your arm that calculates your data. This genius method holds me accountable even during my workout because the info is projected on the screen for my easy access. I love being able to keep up with my progress and compete against myself!

I don’t mean this to sound obsessive, but I like keeping track of my progress. Seeing improvement in my data alongside physically seeing positive results really pushes me forward! Since working out with OTF, it feels good to be able to visually identify my specific areas of improvement; I notice this especially in my arms. Another incredible difference for me is my aerobic stability. Prior to OTF, truly I could barely run without becoming quickly winded. When I’m on the treadmill, I don’t even realize I’m building stamina and ability as I vary my workout by going uphill or increasing my pace for even short spurts of time. I am proud to say thanks to OTF I can now run longer and go further without even meaning to!

With the encouragement of the enthusiastic coaches, upbeat music, high quality equipment, and the science behind the theory – the folks at OTF are so confident that you will love your experience that your first class is absolutely free! No excuses girls, find the OTF near you and give it a test drive! (Hey, you’ve got nothing to lose but the weight!)

Here are some questions I had when getting started, so I thought you might be curious on this info as well!

What is the difference between OTF and a regular gym?


Orangetheory provides a brand new workout for their members every day. Those workouts are meticulously crafted by a team of Coaches who then assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the workout before releasing it to studios. Technology really sets OTF apart. Members use heart rate monitors so you know just how hard you’re working throughout class. This helps you and coaches know how hard you’re pushing, and if you’re maybe pushing too much/little. Once class is over, you’re given a load of post-class data that includes your total calories burned and average heart rate, among other helpful information. Because each class is led by a Certified Personal Trainer, OTF classes are able to be customized for ALL fitness levels. And one of the coolest perks about being an OTF member is that you have access to any of the 1,200 studios across the world!

How fit do you have to be to start going?


There can sometimes be a misconception that you have to be ultrafit in order to train at Orangetheory, and that is just not the case. They have the ability to challenge members no matter where they are at in their fitness journey. Their coaches love the opportunity to help members who are new to working out learn how to use equipment properly and effectively.

What is the cost?


Orangetheory Fitness cost is studio specific, so visit your local studio! They have multiple membership options depending on your fitness goals. YOUR FIRST CLASS IS ALWAYS FREE!!! Their Coaches will meet with you to recommend how many days a week they thing you need to go depending on your current fitness routine and goals. When broken down class to class, Orangetheory is the literal best bang for your buck that you will find.

What is the “pyramid” concept I keep hearing people talk about?

Ah, the elusive pyramid. If you’re looking to geek out, above is a really good article to read that explains the “perfect pyramid”. Essentially a pyramid means you’re spending the most minutes in the green, equal in the orange and blue, and then minimal in the grey and red. Essentially this means you’re fairly aerobically conditioned. We start to see members reach more consistent pyramids when they take class at least 3-4 times/week over the course of several months.